Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top 5 Android Apps from TopAndroidApps

Call Sift

The 24/7 private answering application so you in no way miss an urgent call. Ever identified yourself waiting for an imperative while your busy or in the middle of a meeting? With this Android App you can have your own individual answering service operating 24/7 so that you can manage your calls whenever your on the go.
This high high quality app makes it possible for you to just switch your phone to critical calls only mode exactly where your phone will automatically be on silent mode but will still recieve incoming calls. When this is enabled, your phone will then automatically send out a text asking regardless of whether the call is urgent or not.


  • Enables call filters by only disrupting in urgent matters.
  • Screen calls by urgency by way of text message reply.
  • Capacity to develop your own .

Cardio Trainer
Cardio Trainer is a enormous app where you can track and record your fitness activity. This smart app has numerous capabilities, including GPS tracking, music integration, pedometer and considerably much far more to maintain your cardio each fun and challenging. Just install Cardio Trainer onto your android telephone, start off it and go. Whether or not your running, walking, skiing, biking or pretty a lot any other activity Cardio Trainer will be acting as your virtual partner.

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